I mean it wasn't the dolls alone that was creepy it was that they looked like the girls who lived in the houses they were left at, and they were left on doorsteps completely unannounced and with no note or anything explaining it? If she had said "hey, I'm your neighbor and I'm getting rid of these, thought your daughter might like them!" it would have been way less scary.

I mean, yes that’s why it was creepy initially, but at the same time I just kind of feel bad for her. Did she just… not realize that dolls, especially dolls that are ~likenesses~ showing up on doorsteps unexpectedly is terrifying?

Dolls that look like actual little girls is just such a horror trope-y, serial killer-y thing that I’m kind of baffled it didn’t occur to her how it would come off without a note or helpful calming phone call..

Probably she’s just quite old, by the looks of the dolls, and was just going about her business doing nice old lady things, but the whole situation is just still so funny to me.

But also porcelain doll collections are just creepy in general, and I say this even as someone who used to own a shelf full of them. Wow. People did NOT like those dolls.